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Washroom Cleaning Services


Washrooms are a critical part of a building to keep clean for obvious health and safety reasons.

We can provide a comprehensive washroom cleaning service to our clients in Greater Manchester and surrounding areas such as Tameside, Barnsley, Sheffield and Preston.

We clean toilets, cubicles, urinals and sinks on a daily basis.

Our washroom cleaning services can also include installing and maintaining air fresheners, feminine hygiene bins and water management systems, plus stocking any vending machines.

Our feminine hygiene bins are available in different sizes to suit all washroom cubicles. They also have an odour neutraliser to ensure a pleasant fragrance in the washroom.

We stock, install and maintain a range of different types and sizes of air fresheners to suit any washroom.

Our water management systems help clients to save money on their water bills as well as ensuring an effective cleaning service for urinals and toilets.

(Our water management systems will help you to comply with The Water Supply Regulations 1999 which states that every urinal must be fitted with an effective automatic means to regulate the filling of the cistern).

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 requires employers to ensure soap or other suitable means of hand washing is provided in the workplace.

We can recommend, install and service a wide variety of wall mounted soap dispensers that will help to maintain hygiene for your staff and visitors.

You can also choose from a range of electric hand dryers and/or paper towels, paper towel dispensers and power towel bins.

To ensure that your washroom is presented in the best light, not only to your staff, but also your visitors, we keep all your products such as toilet rolls, paper hand towels, hand soaps, air fresheners, and washroom cleaning products well-stocked and available for constant use.

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