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After Care

After care is something BriteGroup prides itself on and is one of the ways we try to set ourselves apart from our competitors.

Please see below for details of how we ensure that a high quality of service is maintained for our clients.

We have well-established and successful processes in place to address, when the need may arise, for remedial action to be taken quickly and effectively to deal with any queries or concerns that clients may have.


Start of Contract

Contract Monitoring

Ensuring Quality of Service

On inception of the cleaning service contract we will provide you with:

  • Quality, trained staff who are easily identified by their livery.
  • Copies of all specifications and daily task lists, displayed in cleaning cupboards.
  • Health and safety documentation and notices.
  • Insurance certificates.
  • Quality equipment and materials – all to strict health and safety standards.
  • Full contact details.


Depending on individual site requirements (but normally weekly) the allocated supervisor will visit your premises to see if the staff have any requirements and on a day-to-day basis we provide you with:

  • A communication book. This enables two way communication for issues that can range from cleaning standards, requests for toilet rolls and consumables etc., and one off requests or general information. Whatever the issue all entries in the book are ‘signed’ off when read and completed and form part of our quality audit.
  • A telephone and email contact for immediate action on your requests.


Again, depending on site requirements (but normally monthly) the allocated area supervisor will visit your premises to complete a full audit. We actively encourage your participation in these audits, which include:

  • An accurate indication of the quality of service.
  • A comparison on past Audits.
  • A copy for site records.
  • Action within 24 hours on any deficiency in quality.
  • Refresher training for our staff where needed.


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